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    “Henan Guangfeng screening and Filtration Technology Co., Ltd”
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    Henan Guangfeng Screening and Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xinxiang National High-tech Start-up Park, China

    Specializing in screening filter materials, screening tools and various fluids, air filters and related products development, production, sales, construction and technical services of comprehensive enterprises.Has obtained the quality management system certification(Registration:30817QZ0147ROS)、Environmental Management System Certification(Certificate Number:30519E31126ROS)、Certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management System(Certificate Number:30519S31127ROS),Will provide customers with first-class products and services!

    Based on the advanced management experience of aviation industry and high-end precision processing technology, the company carries out production according to national standards:GB/T26114-2010 《Filter for liquid filtration》、GB/T17486-1998idtiso3968:1981《Assessment of Pressure Drop Flow Characteristics of Hydraulic Filter》、GB/T 14295-2008《Air Filter Standard》、GB/T13554-2008《Efficient Air Filter》、GB/T17939-2008《Nuclear High Efficiency Air Filter》、GB/T 6165-2008《Efficiency and Resistance of High Efficiency Air Filter Performance Test Method》、TB/T 3135-2006《Body air filters for locomotives and trains》、HG/T 2061-1991 《Air filters for rubber machinery》、JB/T 6417-1992 《Air filters for air conditioning》、JB/T 7374-1994 《Technical conditions for pneumatic air filters》、JG/T 22-1999 《Performance Test Method for Air Filter for General Ventilation》And related industry standards and strict enterprise standards. Can also be customized according to customer needs non-standard products.

    The air filter produced by our company is divided into six categories according to the characteristics of purification efficiency:(Level of efficiency of air filters in accordance with national standards under rated air volume)

    1、Primary filter: for ≥5 micron particles, filtration efficiency 80>E≥20, initial resistance ≤50 Pa

    2、Medium effect filter: for ≥1 micron particles, filtration efficiency 70>E≥20, initial resistance ≤80 Pa

    3、High efficiency filter: for ≥1 micron particles, filtration efficiency 99>E≥70, initial resistance ≤100 Pa

    4、Subfilter: for ≥0.5 micron particles, filtration efficiency E≥95, initial resistance ≤120 Pa

    5、Filter: for ≥0.5 micron particles, filtration efficiency E≥99.99, initial resistance ≤220 Pa

    6、Over filter: for ≥0.1 micron particles, filtration efficiency E≥99.999, initial resistance ≤280 Pa


    Air filtration efficiency levels in China:

    Primary Effect (Coarse Effect)- Medium Effect - Sub - Medium Effect - Sub - High Efficiency - High Efficiency

    European Air Filter Efficiency Level:


    First effect: G1-G2-G3-G4


    Effect: F5-F6-F7-F8-F9


    High efficiency: H10-H11-H12


    Efficient: H13-H14


    High Efficiency: U15-U16-U17

    Widely used in general ventilation general ventilation system, central air conditioning unit, clean workshop, clean workshop, laboratory and clean room, or dustproof for electronic and mechanical communication equipment.


    ? the filter cartridge produced by our company is divided into three categories according to the characteristics of filter selection:


    I. Wood pulp fiber paper filter cartridge:


    High-quality and high-efficiency wood pulp fiber materials from the United States and Western Europe are 1. selected, which not only have small pore size, large air permeability, low resistance and high efficiency, but also have large filtration area.


    2. adopt advanced folding new technology, the interval is uniform.


    Both the end cover of the 3. filter tube and the inner and outer protective net adopt high quality electrochemical plate, which not only has good strength, but also has better anti-rust and anticorrosion performance.


    4. low hardness and high strength closed hole foaming rubber sealing ring is different.


    5. adhesive from Henkel, will not produce degumming and cracking phenomenon. 

    Scope of application: gas turbine, centrifugal air compressor and other large units of the inlet filtration and powder coating line powder recovery system.


    II. Long fiber polyester filter cartridge:


    The 1. uses the synthetic high strength polyester long fiber nonwovens materials from the United States HV、 Japan Toray and other countries. The fibers are smooth and tubular, the fibers cross each other, the holes are smaller, the distribution is more uniform, and the fibers have good filtration performance.


    2. the application of polyester long fiber filter material, the filter tube not only has better acid and alkali resistance, higher filtration efficiency and less running resistance. Compared with the traditional filter material, it has incomparable wear resistance, high strength and breaking resistance, pulse backblowing and other methods are easier to clear ash, and can be cleaned repeatedly by water without damaging the filter material and prolonging its service life.


    3. the combination of tough and durable polyester filter material and anticorrosive steel plate mesh support structure, the new open folding design increases the effective filtration area and can make the air flow through the surface continuously and without hindrance.


    4. compared with the traditional filter bag, the filter area is increased by two to three times, which reduces the pressure drop, improves the filtration efficiency and prolongs the service life.


    Scope of application: steel, cement, chemical, machinery, cigarettes, pharmaceutical, nuclear power, thermal power, environmental protection and other production lines to recover raw materials, purification and dust removal.III. Membrane coated polyester filter cartridge:


    PTFE resin is used as raw material in the 1.. The microporous membrane with stereoscopic network structure is made by special technology. It has small pore size, high porosity, smooth surface, waterproof, good oil resistance, very low friction coefficient and good non-viscosity. Chemical corrosion resistance, high temperature.


    2. film coated filter tube has a strong and smooth surface, the surface filtration is not torn by powder particles, the possibility of wear and scratch, dust can slide regularly.


    3. constant cladding filtration effect makes the air flow of the dust collector more stable, improves the utilization ratio of the powder and the purification function of the recovery effect. The surface filtration is easier to complete in an instant and improves the filtration efficiency.


    4. domestic leading film-covered technology and TEX high-quality raw materials, Tongji University advanced testing to ensure product reliability.


    Scope of application: carbon powder, metal powder, polymer powder, cement, metallurgy, food, coating, petrochemical plastics and other industrial areas of flue gas and dust particles treatment and recovery.

    Industrial dust removal and filtration products are as follows:


    1. concrete mixing station dust filter element


    High precision coated dust filter for 2. filtration carbon powder


    3. filter cartridge concrete mixer Wilm filter element


    4. dust filter, dust filter, dust filter, dust filter


    5. anti-static powder filter cartridge, dust filter cartridge


    6. Atlas dust filter cartridge


    Dust filter core, dust filter core, dust filter drum 7. Guhe drilling rig


    8. power plant special chuck dust filter, dust filter


    Dust filter cartridge for air compressor outside 9. steel plant




    11. Sand blasting chamber, dust filter tube of dust removal system of shot blasting machine, dust removal filter core


    12. Polyester fiber dust filter cartridge


    13. Oil-proof and waterproof dust filter 3266 sandblasting filter


    14. Production line dust filter plastic dust filter


    15. Three-claw dust filter


    16. Stainless steel dust filter, dust filter


    17. Donaldson elliptical filter cartridge, flame retardant filter cartridge




    19. Power plant coarse filter core

    Enterprise purpose

    Hard work, responsibility

    Provide customer with system solutions

    Corporate vision

    Leading Filter Equipment Brand 

    Build a happy harbor for employees

    Corporate philosophy

    Good faith, win-win, become a close friend of customers

    Enterprise spirit

    The heart can innovate, the competition can develop

    Market concept

    Only off-season thinking, no off-season market

    Industry guidelines

    Immediate feedback when work is blocked

    Implementation concept

    There is no excuse for results orientation


    Let's not let it happen



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